BUY AVAPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, With Vanilla Ice and Paris Hilton both having reality TV Shows coming out, US Weekly did a poll who would you rather watch?

The Ice Man wins with 74pct of the votes!

Vanilla Ice wearing 'Angel with the Gun'
Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos hat available at The Bhph Store

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  1. I vote for ice ice baby

  2. They should bang, they can make some outrageous kids lol!

  3. Tough call, prob Vanilla more depth

  4. theres no way vanilla ice is loaded like this vid suggests (rolls royce, etc)..less than a year ago he was doing pathetic club appearances in dumpy towns like columbus ohio- for literal pennies. what a farce this “reality” show will be. besides, whose gonna believe he makes “mad loot” flipping houses right now anyway…thats so 10-15 yrs ago. get real, turds.

  5. Greg you obviously don’t know what your talking about, He tours the world at no less then 10 grand a show, And that’s just for fun!!! He bought blocks of real estate in prime Miami Beach in the 80’s.
    Rolls Royce ect. please?!? that’s nothing to Rob he has 15 cars no joke..

  6. I’d rather watch Paris get raped by The New York Jets but that’s just me.. I’m a perv!

  7. greg – everything is fake on the shows. The Phantom is obviously rented for a day, just like the rest of the stuff for the show. And the network who picked the show up footed the whole bill for renovations etcetera.


  9. Hmmmm… Please explain how he was buying property in Miami in the 80’s when he was living in Dallas with no money rapping behind Handy Dan and at the teen club Monolopy’s;) at that time “Vanilla Ice” was being sketched on paper- it was an idea and a dream that came true in the 90’s… There is no question he has ALWAYS been special and talented- it’s just n the 80’s he was in high school. So, if you REALLY know what you are talking about then you would know the last thing he was doing in the 80’s was buying property In Miami;)

  10. He’s a legend!

  11. late 80’s early 90’s whats the difference he’s made more money off real estate investments then your whole family tree!

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  14. I am forever indebted to you for this information.

  15. Heck yeah this is exactly what I needed.

  16. Finally! This is just what I was looking for.

  17. You know what, I’m very much inclined to agree.

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  20. Ma no, non credo sia questo il caso, anzi penso che in realtà sia manovrato da altri che i soldi li fanno, loro, con libri, “chembuster” e altre vaccate.Il problema mi sembra di altro genere, e ha a che fare con quelle distorsioni psicologiche tipiche di chi non ha ancora finito di crescere.Però le distorsioni della verità, le balle totalmente inventate e le catastrofi ventilate, quelle, ci sono tutte.

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